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The PHP Engineer

With decades of experience

  • CEO at Vibaweb Ltd.
  • Managing Director at 10 Minute Accounts
  • Zend Certified Engineer
  • MySql Database Guru
  • LAMP stack software architect
  • Cloud software developer and entrepreneur
  • Based in Chester, England

The search for PHP talent has never been harder.

The market is saturated with poor quality coders.

And if you’re here, you’ll be familiar with the problem. You’ve already spent countless hours and £1000s looking for a talented individual. You need someone who can dive into PHP code, understand the framework, pinpoint the issue, and make your project work.

Money isn’t the issue here. What’s wrong is that every PHP developer you’ve found needs active management, training, and constant checks to ensure they’re not introducing more problems than you started with.

But you’re not a coder. You don’t know code. You know business.

And that’s why you’re here. You need an individual with decades of skill and expertise to pinpoint exactly what you need, and nail it, first time.

You need a software guru that you feel comfortable putting in front of your most valuable clients.

Someone who understands not just code, but sales.

Someone who can anticipate client demands, and win you new business.

Someone who delivers exactly what he promises, every time.

Someone who values your time – and won’t waste a single minute of your day.

If you found someone like that – how would it make you feel?

Most of my work is through personal referrals and repeat business, and I’m lucky enough to work with some of the most exciting companies in the world.

If you’re looking for an outstanding software architect, and you wish to proceed further, please contact me through my agency below.

Wishing you the very best in life and business,

Barnaby Dixon, Zend Certified Engineer

Barnaby V. Dixon, z.c.e

Barnaby is an outstanding individual, and has rescued our software on multiple occasions. He seems to rise effortlessly to coding challenges, and understands our requirements almost better than we do ourselves. He is an invaluable source of inspiration and ability. We are very happy and proud to be able to recommend him, and wish him the very best in all his ventures.

Joe Harden

CEO, WinWin Media

Once again the smartest person I know has solved the problem and made it work. I am so amazed at how you can do anything. What a wonderful skill and obviously the result of years of hard work and your super high intelligence. I never ever regret paying for your work. Take the family out for dinner….on me 🙂

Hayden Cochran

Owner, Island Packet Yachts


Barclays Capital - Aldermore Bank - Europe Arab Bank - Starbucks - Dooster™ - Globalchange - Wahda Private Bank - Island Packet Yachts - MoneySorter Group


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